Sat. Jan 19th, 2019

4 Mistakes to Avoid When Going DIY for Metal Building Erector

Using prefabricated structures are easy and fast to assemble unless you are committing some common steel building mistakes. Erecting a pre-engineered metal building is more like building a huge game of a kid’s erector set. Also, going DIY with it helps in saving money. It is fun only if you avoid the mistakes listed below.

  1. Not getting prior approval

Never build a structure prior to getting a building permit. You will need to get acquainted with all the building codes before making a decision. Exploring your completed structure can lead to violation of local regulations, easements or zoning and can cause you a load of fines and penalties. As a matter of fact, you may also be forced to take down your new structure. Also, mark the location of any buried utilities. Get in touch with your local building department before you make a purchase. They will enlighten you about what you need to comply with your local regulations. If you have changed your mind about not going all DIY and wanting to hire a Commercial Building Repair company, get in touch with us today!

  1. Inadequate site preparation

All structures like metal buildings need a solid and a leveled ground. A reputable site makes sure that you have a problem free building foundation to begin with. Huge structures may need soil tests to ascertain the stability of the ground. Apart from this, ensure to let sufficient clearance around the foundation for lift equipment as well as delivery trucks.

  1. Pouring the foundation way too early

It is a nightmare when you know the foundation has been poured and now someone is willing to fit a metal building in the foundation. The pre-engineered metal buildings need excellent concrete contractors. The foundations are meant to fit the structure perfectly. Additionally, the bolts which are anchoring the framing to the foundation must be inserted in the exact locations before the slab has been poured in.

  1. Ignoring the structures and safety measures

If you are going DIY, you are most likely to be way too excited to jump into the project too quickly. But the metal building mistakes happening because of the lack of care and planning is way too dangerous. Always refer to the user manual thoroughly. Pay keen attention to the directions for bracing the framing and the safety procedures listed in the manual. Ensure that everyone on the job site is donning hardhats and the suggested safety car. Pay strict adherence to the manual instruction as it will protect both the building as well as the builders.