Sat. Jan 19th, 2019

Secure Access Management Solution Entails Data Protection For Businesses!

One of the major risks factors making a business fall under the threat of non-compliance of the GDPR rules is that of failing in devising a secure access management system. With more number of employees in a business in access to unauthorized data there are more security risks, data theft, and data compromise.

However with the increased strictness of the EU GDPR compliance rules businesses aren’t just required to assure secure access management system but also be available with sufficient documental proves and audit reports.

Importance of secure access management

A secure access management ensures that every authenticated user of a system gets to access only the data required of them and nothing beyond. Most of the businesses today do not have restriction on data sharing and are open to most sensitive data of the users with a regular access. This makes the system fall short on serving for the security of data.

The GDPR compliance rule states that data protection shall be widened in aspect of private data and more sensitive data should be protected. In addition the identity and access management brings importance on how limiting the accessible data, authorization and confidentiality can help minimize security risks.

Risks mitigated with Identity and Access Management

With a strong Identity and Access Management (IAM) system a business is able to control on the sharing of the collected data. The authorized employees are given only as much access as required by their roles. The filtering of data makes it possible to protect sensitive data, data breach and compromise.

Additionally definition of private data now contains more information like the health details, banking details, sensitive data like crime registry etc enabling the users to get more protection than ever before. Therefore secure access management largely controls the availability of business data internally and externally.

Technological aids to secure access management

In an attempt to comply with the new EU GDPR regulations the businesses are taking steps to update their systems with advanced technology and software. There is enhanced focus on IT security, a configured IT software system for enabling customized access, compliance with the government rules and minimization of risk associated with data protection.

Although businesses are routing to transfer the responsibility of designing security system and solutions from strong IT security companies – the governance compliance and protection from data theft, frauds, unauthorized access, accidental loss etc are duly given focus for utmost compliance.