5 Industries that Need In-House Laundry Facilities

5 Industries that Need In-House Laundry Facilities

5 Industries that Need In-House Laundry Facilities

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In this article, we’ll talk about the industries that might consider the possibility of building their own in-house laundry facility instead of outsourcing the service to third-party suppliers. The initial cost and space requirements may make some people hesitant, but in the long run, this can translate to huge savings.

Before we start, if you are looking for on-site commercial laundry equipment to use in your facility, one option that should be on your list is Continental Girbau.

  1. Hotels

Many hotels outsource their laundry services. While this has its fair share of pros, it also has its drawbacks. The most significant is the fact that they won’t have complete control of the quality of the outputs. Therefore, it is a good idea to consider building an in-house facility instead. To do this, it is crucial for hotels to find the right equipment supplier. For hotels looking for in-house industrial laundry facilities, Continental Girbau can extend a helping hand.

  1. Spas

Towels, robes, and sheets need to be thoroughly washed. While spas can rely on external laundry companies to do the washing and drying for them, it is also wise to invest in in-house laundry. Most spas are small establishments, so there is no need to have huge machines with high-end technical specifications.

  1. Senior Living Facilities

Managing senior care homes is not easy. While there are many things that should be taken care of, one of the most important is the laundry. From the bed sheets to the curtains, there are several items that need to be regularly washed to maintain a clean environment and ensure the health of the seniors.

  1. Hospitals

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, fabrics and textiles in hospitals can be contaminated with blood, vomit, or urine, among others. It is safer to wash and dry hospital sheets, blankets, patient apparel, and gowns in an in-house facility to prevent bacteria from transferring. Hospitals need top-notch equipment that will make it possible to prevent contamination when washing and drying. This also makes it possible to speed up the laundry service. When it is outsourced, the items are often picked up and delivered in batches. When they have an in-house facility, they can be washed and dried any time.

  1. Prisons

Correctional facilities will also benefit from building in-house laundry facilities. Most federal prisons have laundry services. Inmates are provided a laundry bag with a number and they bring it to the laundry facility while someone washes it for them. Sometimes, inmates are also assigned to handle the laundry. Based on Executive Order 13423, which was signed in 2011 by then President Obama, all federal agencies are required to reduce their water consumption by 2%. This has prompted prisons to change regular washing machines to institutional washers and dryers.

If your business is in one of the industries above, it is now time to consider building an in-house laundry facility instead of relying on the services from third-party providers.


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