Fri. Apr 26th, 2019

A Beginner’s Guide to Modern Laser Welding

Laser welding is a means by which modern society is thriving. These welders can be associated with the modern advanced manufacturing which can further be automatized to raise your ROI as well as the overall productivity. Enlightening yourself on the working of the laser welding can be beneficial in the long run.

Here’s everything you should know.

How does it work?

The laser beam welding works by the means of harnessing the strength of high power fiber lasers that are consistent or quasi-continuous. Laser welding needs a close to an infrared wavelength. You can control the lasers easily which can alter the resolution as well as speed of its performance. Laser beam welding can be implemented on many types of project entailing the ones that vary in shape, metal, and size. This tends to make the laser welding lathe machines a resourceful tool in modern building.

How is it different than the arc welding?

Laser welding is different from the conventional and traditional arc welding. Fiber lasers are a complete and safer system to work on and easier to use as well. Arc welding does have some bottlenecks but they aren’t much of a fuss to work on when it comes to working with the lasers. Lasers tend to impact the smaller areas by their heat. In other words, there are lesser chances of any cracks or damage to the surrounding materials such as high carbon steel as compared to when using an arc welder. Another way to differentiate it is that you have an option to use either conduction or penetration welding. This tends to make the process more versatile for the welder.

Modern changes to make your business revolutionary

Laser welding has been in use for over half a century in the industrial welding. All this time, there have been huge advancements which made the entire welding machines highly functioning and multitasking. These robust machines have the ability to cover many operations in one. You can drill, cut, mark and weld with the same machine. If that doesn’t suffice, you can have many interchangeable components fit into one machine for all your convenience. You also get a huge amount of control with the newer laser machine welding.

Enhanced productive levels and ROI with automation

Automated laser welders eliminate the need to employ specialists to work on the factory floor. The machine is convenient enough to be worked on by anyone available due to the pre-determined settings. The process has now been made simple by using the fiber lasers. This lets you produce a huger volume of the overall product. If you need to raise your production rate, you can buy more laser welders. This is done in order to scale up your business.