Mon. May 20th, 2019

Being a Lawyer in the Digital Era

Law is lagging digital transformation. Digital efforts in a law firm often gather low support from the workforce. Despite this, it is undeniable that 21st-century lawyers need to embrace digital innovations. That said, the rest of this article briefly breaks down the best ways for lawyers to survive in the digital era and how to keep up with the digital trends.

  1. Automatically Track Billables

Gone were the days when lawyers create time entries manually. There is a digital platform that allows lawyers to track their billables automatically. This is possible with legal billing software like Rocket Matter. It also helps lawyers to create invoices automatically with a choice for customization. Plus, clients enjoy different payment channels depending on what is most convenient for them.

  1. Use Cloud Computing

Law practice in the digital age also requires lawyers to use cloud computing. It provides attorneys access to data anytime and anywhere. It is also a platform that makes collaboration possible. With cloud case management software, law firms can also minimize the costs of operations while going green.

  1. Use Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence improves efficiency in the law firm. It does not replace lawyers in their jobs. Rather, it complements their work. Whether it is collecting information or discovery of evidence, artificial intelligence can improve the delivery of legal service. In the future, it might even eliminate legal research and paralegal jobs. Today’s lawyers need to learn how to use artificial intelligence to do better in their profession.

  1. Become Customer-Centric

Digital transformation amongst lawyers is not just all about embracing new technologies to improve legal practice. It is also all about being customer-centric. Digital innovations help to deliver the highest level of customer satisfaction, which is instrumental in the profitability of the law firm. While making the most out of digital technologies, lawyers should not lose the human touch.

  1. Implement Online Marketing

Lawyers need to take their marketing online. It is not only cost-effective, but it also has an extensive reach. Digital marketing platforms, such as social media and email are promising in terms of their returns. Whether you are a solo practitioner or a big law firm, a website is a must-have to build an online presence.

  1. Learn from Digital Platforms

Legal education is also being digital these days. For lawyers, this presents an opportunity to improve their knowledge and capabilities through digital learning. Even with the use of smartphones, it is possible to access training modules, including videos and reading materials. This will help lawyers to be updated about the latest in the industry.

  1. Implement New Methods of Discovery

Lawyers are constantly searching for information to strengthen their case. In this digital age, this is possible through e-discovery. Basically, it is discovery through an electronic format. It is an efficient way for lawyers to uncover information from digital platforms.

Legal professionals need to keep up with the changing times. Lawyers should take advantage of digital platforms to deliver better services and boost productivity.