Thu. Feb 21st, 2019

Common Types of Equipment That Are Used in Forestry Business

There are many types of equipment needed for harvesting, furnishing and excavating the forest which are known as forestry equipment. The purpose of all these types of equipment is to make the job easier and faster. Another reason of these equipment is to make work safe for people who are involved in such work.

Following are few different types of forestry equipment:

De limber

When a large tree is fallen then there are many branches of the tree that need to be removed in a proper manner. It can be a lot of labour-intensive work, if the removal of branches is done in manually. Therefore, such de limbers are used which is generally mounted on hydraulic controlled excavator. Number of different types of de limbers are also available e.g. slide boom, chain flail, gate, stroke and pull through de limbers.

Feller buncher

Another very commonly used forestry equipment is called feller buncher, which is in fact is a kind of harvester that is meant for logging of wood. It is a heavy-duty vehicle that is run by using motor, which is used for cutting and gathering the tree very quickly before they fall down on the ground. This buncher also consists of heavy equipment base along with tree grabbing system which is supplied with a shear.


You must be familiar with tracteurs forestiers, which are meant for carrying the fallen logs. Forwarder is also doing the similar function on the uneven terrain of forest and carry the fallen logs to the road side. This will also ensure the soil of the forest is not damaged due to its movement. The sizes of the logs are also limited so that it can be easily moved in the forest.


This is another heavy-duty equipment used in forestry for logging operations for delimbing, felling and bucking trees. During the logging operation, forwarder and harvesters are used together to carry out the total operation.


In the forest there is a need of grinding the thick forest understory limbs, bushes and trees into a mulch of wood and therefore a tracked machine called mulcher is needed. It also reduces the hazards of the habitat. Mulchers can be designed as per the required sizes and configurations.


This is another forestry equipment which has got wheel and are used for pulling the logs. Skidders lift the logs from the front end from the ground and then pull them on to the road.