Thu. Feb 21st, 2019

Do Improved Workspaces Help in Improving the Company Productivity?

If you take a look around your office, ask yourself that is your office conducive to a productive workforce? There is a thin connecting cord between health and happiness and in between the happiness and productivity. There is some evidence but no matter how comfortable you make a workplace, there is always some woe with the disabled people. Many companies fail to realize to have that facility. Researchers have also conducted a study with an aim to find out the productivity levels when it comes to office design. Our marketing des ressources humaines team have listed some simple measures to boost the workplace productivity.

  1. Space to relax

Some agreed that if their office has a space dedicated to relax at work, it would help them be more productive. It proves that by creating such a space, employees can make the most of it while addressing a range of health ailments like backache, eyestrain etc. this design can also empower a collaborative culture within the company where their skills and knowledge are shared freely.

  1. Enhancing technology

The survey also showed that if the space has better technology, 17.5 percent of the employees would have increased productivity. As major advancements will add more to the cost, simple solutions like more power sockets, faster WiFi and much more can make a huge difference. The notion of technical advancements is of importance to the 55-64 age group. In other words, younger age group has more access to technology in their office.

  1. Privacy matters

Gone are the days when offices have formal workspaces. This is because employees are valuing the need for more flexible working environment, which is influenced by the unconventional office designs of Google and Facebook. But that doesn’t mean a fully open office plan. This calls for a need for a balance between an open plan layout and quitter spaces that promote privacy to make phone calls or focus away from the office hub. The age group of 45-54 favored this factor the most.

  1. Clutter free working

Too much clutter in office also kills productivity. This means that tidying away the extra wires and papers and making the most of the storage space, especially when your office has a large open plan design. There are many benefits of getting rid of wires, it will promote productivity and reduction in separate wired workstations that can decrease power and cooling costs.